KamravaMichael M. Kamrava, MD Administrator Director of West Coast IVF Clinic, Inc., is an internationally recognized leader in the field of in vitro fertilization (IVF). His work, alongside close associates and peers worldwide, has resulted in breakthrough technology that has revolutionized IVF, reducing risks to both the mother and child, and also reducing the costs of IVF.

A Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the University of Illinois, Dr. Kamrava received his medical education at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, took his residency at Cleveland's Mt. Sinai Hospital and was a fellow at Harvard Medical School's Beth Israel Hospital.

BabyHe presented a landmark paper at the Eleventh World Congress on Fertility and Sterility in Dublin in 1983 on "Ovulation Induction and Conception Using Subcutaneous Pulsatile GnRH"; the GnRH Pump therapy, approved by the FDA in 1992 is now standard treatment regimen. He did the first successful extended 5 day human Embryo Culture with the help of special cells in 1994. And now he has developed the "Embryo Implantation" that eliminates tubal pregnancies and prevents embryos from falling of the uterus at time of embryo replacement. His current staff and teaching affiliations are with major teaching hospitals in West Los Angeles.